TECTUS Transponder Technology GmbH is a privatly owned company and is based in Moers Germany and has a long experience in the field of RFID.

Beside the development of standard RFID products we offer customer specific product developments.

The founders of TECTUS, RFID pioneers, started in 1991 by developing the first RFID automotive transponder, used as RFID immobiliser in high volume applications.

Many years of experience combined with application know how in the RFID field provide all TECTUS customers best service and support in the following applications:

Based on its own development of Reader and Transponder technologies, TECTUS offers RFID components for innovative RFID solutions (including feasibility studies, application support and after sales service). TECTUS Reader products and software are optimized in using the major RFID microchips, such as ALIEN, ATMEL, EM Marin, IMPINJ, INFINEON, NXP and TEXAS INSTRUMENTS combined with customized software solutions under Microsoft Windows Mobile/ CE and other operating systems. TECTUS products are available in different packaging using different ICs technologies. TECTUS products have been optimized mainly for the Access Management and Industrial environments. The TECTUS Global Logistics & Technical Center based in Moers (Germany) ensure our customers best possible support and a high service quality. Information related to product supply and deliveries are provided by the Customer Support and Sales office in Bergisch Gladbach. Local sales support in different countries is provided in France, Great Britain and Ireland.  

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With this Know-How, TECTUS is all set to be a strong and reliable partner for the world's top industrial companies and is member of the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility.

Our product portfolio includes 100% RFID solutions or products which are related in some way to contactless or automatic identification and RFID:

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