External Industrial Antennas

External Industrial Antennas are suitable to the industrial stationary readers and are available as standard versions in different sizes. If you tell us your needs we like to recommend the best suitable antennas for your application.
We like to offer also customised versions to fit perfectly into your installation.

TPA-MIRA-100 UHF RFID Mid Range Antenna

.The TPA-MIRA-100 UHF RFID Mid Range UHF Antenna to be used from system integrators for integration in facilities /plants and systems to identify equipment, vehicles or people by means of UHF RFID technology from defined, short or mid distance 

  • For example for automatic part identification on conveyor belts, in the application of people or vehicle access control and time attendance etc.
  • In cooperation with the TECTUS UHF RFID readers system integrators and operators of industrial facilities are able to create complex UHF RFID systems in industrial areas. 

TPA-WIRA-70 UHF RFID Wide Range Antenna

The TPA-WIRA-70 UHF RFID Wide Range Antenna is used by  system integrators and users in combination with the UHF RFID readers TPF-UHF-RIA-270-3 und TPF-UHF-RRU-4 to create farfield solutions for logistics optimization and vehicle registration and access control to parking houses and lots and for other identification applications.

TPA-31-52 Combined AIR-/ FERRITE-COIL COMB- LF 125 kHz / 134 kHz RFID-ANTENNA with Metal Support for TLB-30 and TxF-30 Readers

The TPA-31-52 is a Combined AIR-/ FERRITE-COIL COMB- LF 125 kHz / 134 kHz RFID-ANTENNA with Metal Support  and was designed to be connected with TLB-30 and TxF-30 RFID readers for the waste management application. System integrators remove  a tooth of the comb lifter and replace it with the LF RFID antenna. The antenna is placed quasi direktly under the BIN TAG chipnest transponder, so a good and exact reading accuracy of the TEC PLUG M30 RFID TAG is provided.