TECTUS est un membre de CNRFID

Since September 2015 TECTUS Transponder Technology GmbH is member of the Centre National de RFID in France CNRFID. Here you can find more information about us and CNRFID.

TECTUS exhibited on the euroid show in Frankfurt am Main, 18. - 20. November 2014

Meet us in Frankfurt am Main 18. - 20 November on the euroid show.

Very well informed visitors took the opportunity to discuss their individual RFID / NFC application with our RFID experts. So they could find out together with us which RFID products are best suitable for their application. We say thank you to all regular and new customers for visiting us. We are looking forward to the further cooperation.

Comfort Find- and Search- Function now ONLINE

Komfort Find- und Suchfunktion erleichtert das Finden gemäß Ihrer Auswahl

The new Comfort Find- and Search- Function assists you to find the RFID products for your application on our website. Just enter the terms you wish to find in the SEARCH box and select by using the filter function.

Just try it... 

TECTUS 34 mm NFC PU TAG with ATEX Zone 1 / 21 certification available

ATEX Zone 1 / 21 zertifizierter NFC TAG 34 mm

 The 34 mm PU TAG  was developed by TECTUS engineers already in the 90th is defacto industrial standard in the Chemical- and oil- and gas industry, is since autumn 2013 also available as ATEX Zone 1 / 21 certified NFC Forum Type 2 compatible NFC version. You can find more information here

TECTUS support Victims of Typhoon on Philippines

Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Germany's Relief Coalition)

TECTUS Transponder Technology GmbH has done a spontaneous donation mid of November 2013 of  2000 Euro for the ones to suffer of the catastrophy of typhoon on the Philippins. TECTUS supports with this amount directly the work of Germany's Relief Coalition „Aktion Deutschland hilft“ in the desaster zone.

Relief for the Philippines