Smart Sensor

Record the physical data
of your environment.


The passive TECTUS RFID product line has been expanded and rounded off with the active Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon. Our different beacons, with their pioneering technology and wide range of sensors, are predestined for use in manufacturing for monitoring machinery and belts, asset management and inventory and personnel coordination, and also for use in retail.

Rfid sensors

We combine state-of-the-art sensor technology with wireless and energy-independent RFID technology.

TECTUS provides customised passive sensor transponders and semi-passive RFID data loggers in the LF, HF and UHF frequencies.


Smart Sensor



Find the right sensor for your application

Basic sensors

Sensors for the highest demands

Sensor modules are aware of their environment and provide real added value in comparison to conventional transponders.
They do not just acquire the UID, but also important environmental information.

Acquisition of environmental information

No additional energy supply

Longer service life

Lower maintenance costs