TECTUS Hardware connected to our Software creates highly efficient identification systems


Digitizing your processes with TECTUS identification systems opens up enormous potential for the future of your company.

Use the data gained to optimize processes in the future and to ensure quality standards in an efficient manner.

With more efficiency for greater security, more time savings and more profit - find out what your business really is capable of.

Our system solutions contain all the necessary components to digitize, record and evaluate your processes in times of INDUSTRIE 4.0, a progressive digitization and INTERNET OF THINGS.

TECTUS Identification Systems

Pick2Light - The Evolution of Picking Process in Material Handling

P2Light is a system for extracting materials manually. lt uses signal lights to guide the operator, indicating where material should be extracted via a picking process. Once material has been extracted, the operator confirms the action by pushing a button, thus activating the next operation through to the end of the cycle. There is no need for papers or handheld devices...

OPUSdrive PLAY - Digitization of inspections and maintenance

OPUSdrive PLAY is our answer to the growing demand for digitization in the public sector. Whether municipality, city or housing cooperatives, with OPUSdrive PLAY you have the maintenance and upkeep of your playgrounds and other properties transparent and efficient in view. Do not miss any maintenance appointments or damage reports anymore. OPUSdrive PLAY frees you from annoying and tedious documentation work by ...

OPUSdrive - Inventory

OPUSdrive Inventory is as simple as it is clever. With the digital capture of all inventory items, our customers actively reduce the time and costs of the annual inventory dramatically. In addition, our customers always keep an overview of their inventory and its location within the company.