RFID Cards & Labels

Standard and customisable
cards and labels

Programming and security features

TECTUS ISO cards can be equipped with various security features such as signature fields and holograms. As well as the RFID function in the LF HF\NFC UHF frequencies as a single or dual frequency variant, optional magnetic strips (LoCo\HiCo) and chip cards round off the range of functionality.

This makes TECTUS ISO cards the optimal tool for applications such as time recording, access control, payment, ticketing, logistics, parking and access control. 

Our employees would be pleased to assist you with your bespoke ISO card design.

Design and customisation of ISO cards and labels

As well as a wide variety of printing processes, the scope of services provided by TECTUS includes the personalisation and coding of RFID ISO cards and labels. When doing this, we rely on tried and tested printing methods such as offset, silk screen, inkjet, laser engraving and thermo rewrite, with which brilliant colour results and effects can be achieved.

Security ABC

UV printing
Texts or images that are only visible under UV light.

A special lamination on the card surface provides additional security and increases the service life of the card.

Micro printing
Extremely small printing that is hardly visible to the naked eye.

Etched symbols, images or writing.

An additional hologram on the surface of the card.

As well as visual identification using photographs and logos, security cards have other integrated security technologies such as RFID, chips, magnetic strips, biometric data and much more.

Our employees would be pleased to assist you with your bespoke ISO card design.


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