RFID Readers

Always the optimum reader
for digitalising your processes.

RFID Reader - Digitise your processes

In our wide-ranging portfolio, you will always find the right RFID reader for digitising your processes and workflows.

Whether as a pen, integrated into a stationary device, as an OEM board or in conjunction with a mobile device - our range includes a wide variety of RFID reader models so that there is a suitable solution for every area of application. We will also be happy to advise you on which RFID reader is the right one for your application.






Why do you need an RFID reader?

The RFID reader is the counterpart to the RFID transponder and essential for the contactless transmission of data between the two devices.

The RFID reader builds up an electromagnetic field and supplies the transponder with the necessary energy to transmit data without contact.




Application areas of RFID Readers

Our RFID readers are particularly suitable in the areas of

● Automation of plants and machines
● Mobile maintenance and servicing
● Asset management
● Documentation
● Personal identification
● Inventory monitoring
● Logistics
● Production
● Product identification


Advantages of an RFID reader for the industry

As with the transponder, reading and writing data using an RFID reader does not require any direct visual contact. Materials such as wood, cardboard, fabric or plastic pose no obstacle whatsoever. This makes RFID readers and transponders the ideal contactless solution for almost all industrial sectors.

Do you have any questions or would you like us to check the requirements on your premises? Our RFID experts will be happy to help you find the optimal RFID reader for your application.

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