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Systems & components


For all industry and ATEX requirements

Everything from a single source - for functional reliability

Hardware components

We develop product-oriented readers for integration in the products of our customers. There are few limits to the shape and size of these readers.
For identifying original replacement parts in machines, vehicles, printers and filters.

Or the combination of our transponders and sensors for contactless measurement of temperature and pressure in enclosed housings such as pumps or planetary gears.

For this purpose, we develop and manufacture made-to-measure RFID antennas with a diameter of up to 2.5 m.

Reap the benefits of our experience from many demanding applications and our field application service all over the world.



We develop SMART SENSORS, the size and design of which are adapted to the projects and buildings of our customers.

RFID transponders in combination with sensors and beacons monitor machines and processes, and measure and transmit the following in real time 
- Temperature
- Pressure
- Humidity
- Incline
- Material wear and preventative maintenance data

Systems & Components

TECTUS is an ATEX and IECEx certified company. We therefore put considerable value on quality and functional safety at the development stage.

TECTUS ATEX systems & components are used every day by well-known market leaders in the chemical, oil and gas industries. Be it kilometre-long conveyor belts in ore mines in Colorado, gas bottling plants in India or offshore oil drilling rigs all over the world.

TECTUS ATEX systems provide valuable data for the safety of people and machinery. The toughest usage conditions and EXplosive areas are our areas of experience and expertise.



We develop product-related readers and antennas for integration in customer-specific products
and stationary readers and RFID antennas in all shapes and sizes for implementation
in existing manufacturing structures and logistics.

TECTUS has all ATEX & IECEx approvals
for deployment in Zones 1/21 and 2/22

All TECTUS ATEX products are marked with the required approvals.
We also have every legally prescribed approval and
certification for our products for use in the relevant destination country.

All ATEX / IECEX products are marked with the required approvals.

This means that you are on the safe side and fulfil all legal requirements.

We are your reliable partner for functional safety.



Mobile maintenance and documentation

ALL in ONE  >>>  LF - HF - UHF - NFC 

Because of the wide variety of applications and requirements, many different frequencies are being used in asynchronous balanced mode on an increasing number of occasions. From near-field communication (NFC) to long-range UHF applications in logistics and manufacturing. TECTUS MultiPEN covers all frequencies and automatically detects which TAG is currently being read with which frequency.

Regardless of the transponder and the frequency - TECTUS MultiPEN is always the right reader

WE make things MOBILE

Software & APPlication development

1 + 1 = 3

TECTUS Hardware + IT intouch software = SMART FACTORY SOLUTION

Software Development

OPUSdrive provides the entire software spectrum for all applications, and can be individually adapted to any requirement.

The customer-specific adaptation of our OPUSdrive software fulfils all customer requirements and optimises processes and procedures in manufacturing and logistics.

In collaboration with our software partner IT intouch, we have access to more than a dozen hardware and software developers. IT intouch software developments are used by many medium-sized companies and also some major well-known international corporations.

We therefore provide visionary ideas and developments in beacon technology and APP programming which are being used in increasing numbers of industrial, logistical and manufacturing applications.

TECTUS OPUSdrive Software

The digital key for the digital future

- INDUSTRY 4.0 and Internet of THINGS -

System & APP development

OPUSdrive software packages can be individually adapted to any application or customer requirement.

We digitise customer-specific forms and integrate them as a customer-specific app in our Apollo Series SMART Mobile Readers. For documentation and quality assurance. 

IT intouch provides

Advice, conception and APP design
Programming including GPS locating and MAP visualisation
Integration of motion sensors and augmented reality
Development of middleware for connecting all TECTUS RFID products to external databases, clouds and all of the most popular customer operating systems

Through to the finished APP... in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

IT intouch has many years of experience in beacon app programming, for which it was presented with the IT innovation award “Best of 2016 and 2017” in the app category.

Digitalisation Processes

Increase Efficiency

Data analysis

Industry 4.0