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With Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), data can be read and transmitted contactlessly and without visual contact.
RFID makes contactless reading out and storage of data possible, whereby individual objects are marked with a unique number or information and are therefore given a digital identity which makes individual tracking possible. RFID technology optimises processes and procedures, and can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of requirements and industries. The digital key for INDUSTRY 4.0 and IoT.

Almost anything is possible - TECTUS develops the optimal RFID solution individually for any application.

from the top of the trees...

TECTUS RFID technology efficiently organises the management of property and systems such as tree stocks and playgrounds, and provides valuable data for servicing and maintenance.
This saves time and money for municipalities and users.

to the centre of the earth

TECTUS ATEX systems & components are used in the most difficult of conditions, and ensure that things go smoothly in potentially explosive areas on oil drilling rigs and in gas bottling plants. 

For man and machine - RELIABLE and SAFE

from digital agriculture...

TECTUS RFID systems & components have been proven products in digital agriculture for many years. Be it for livestock management or efficient feed planning.

Qualified in everyday use in medium-sized companies and large agricultural businesses.

to the 4th industrial revolution

As the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 requires efficient manufacturing procedures and processes. TECTUS develops and delivers the RFID key technology that is required for this. Our transponders, sensors and beacons provide the necessary data and information. We develop customised RFID readers and RFID antennas of any shape or size and for any usage area to fit in with the company infrastructure. From the tops of the trees to the centre of the earth.

RFID as a key technology for INDUSTRY 4.0
- From conception to implementation -


Identifying processes - DIGITALISING processes

The identification and connection of all processes and procedures using RFID technology is the basis for future digital factory solutions. Our innovative RFID systems and components and the OPUSdrive software which is tailored to customer requirements provide transparency and supply valuable information for continuous improvement and efficient use of all company and logistical resources.

From feasibility studies to integration, TECTUS is your contact for sophisticated RFID solutions and applications.

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Access Control

Fuel and Gas Bottles

Parking Areas

Bulk Goods

Lightning protection

Drill Pipe ID

Car ID Plates

Laundry applications

Document ID

Container Management


PPE / Personal protective equipment

Tool ID

Manufacturing process control

Temperature / Humidity control

Public Areas / Playgrounds

Bin and Container ID

Asset Management 

Offshore Platform

Museums and Exhibitions

Lifting tools, Cranes and Elevators

Cable, Ropes and Belts

PETs or FARM Animal ID

Asset Tracking

Operator/User ID

Patient ID

Bird ID

Wild Animal Control

Inventory ID

Tree and Forest management

Lifting equipment


Barrel ID

Pallet ID

Weapon ID


Tectus is Atex certified

Our core area of expertise is the development of RFID
RFID system solutions and components which are certified and approved
for use in potentially EXplosive areas.


TECTUS was presented with the medium-sized
business initiative industry award for this.