RFID ATEX & IECEx Products

Reliability for man and machine.

This means that you are on the safe side and fulfil all legal requirements. 

Safety requirements

ATEX stands for the French abbreviation "ATmospheres EXplosibles" and describes the explosion protection directives of the European Union.

According to these directives, only devices, systems and components which fulfil the ATEX product directives may be used in potentially explosive areas from 2003 onwards. These directives contain the basic safety requirements that must be adhered to and verified by means of the relevant conformity declarations.

IECEx is an international procedure for the certification of devices which are used in potentially explosive areas.

TECTUS has all ATEX approvals

TECTUS has all ATEX approvals for use in Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22. All TECTUS ATEX products are compliant with the valid explosion protection directives and are labelled with the prescribed approvals. We offer certification of our products in accordance with the legally prescribed approvals on the basis of the international IECEx scheme for every country in which they are used.


TECTUS-certified ATEX products are available for zones 1/21 and 2/22 and can be used in all areas in which potentially explosive atmospheres such as dust or gas occur.

Our ATEX products are in use worldwide
Offshore oil drilling rigs all over the world
Ore mines in Colorado / USA
Gas bottling plants in India
Pipelines in refineries
Tanker vehicles in airports

Reliability for man and machine

Verify your TECTUS ATEX transponder

With ATEX & IECEx certified transponders from TECTUS you have the possibility to have them verified from year of construction 2019 in our online database at any time, fast and easy. This always puts you on the safe side.