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The name TECTUS has stood for sophisticated developments and innovative RFID products for more than 25 years.

We develop high-quality RFID readers, transponders and sensors which bring additional intelligence to the products and applications of our customers by means of their design, size, and technical sophistication.

In the age of INDUSTRY 4.0 and the INTERNET OF THINGS, we provide our customers with additional value and advantageous unique selling points by using intelligent RFID components.

RFID solutions

TECTUS develops innovative RFID systems and components for OEM customers and sophisticated applications. Our claim is to provide OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS and the BEST PRODUCTS for industry and logistics, agriculture and municipalities.



Mobile maintenance and documentation

ALL in ONE  >>>  LF - HF - UHF - NFC 

Because of the wide variety of applications and requirements, many different frequencies are being used in asynchronous balanced mode on an increasing number of occasions. From near-field communication (NFC) to long-range UHF applications in logistics and manufacturing. TECTUS MultiPEN covers all frequencies and automatically detects which TAG is currently being read with which frequency.

Regardless of the transponder and the frequency - TECTUS MultiPEN is always the right reader

WE make things MOBILE


The development of RFID systems and components for use in potentially EXplosive areas is a core area of expertise for TECTUS. This is why we were presented with the Industry Award for medium-sized businesses.

Our ATEX systems and components are used every day by well-known market leaders in the chemical, oil and gas industries.


The right TRANSPONDER for every application

We develop customer-specific TAGs in accordance with the specifications and requirements of our customers for sophisticated applications and extreme environments. The TECTUS PEAK Collection shows what is possible. Intricate designs and constructions for the most demanding challenges in extreme applications. Almost anything is possible.

As a partner to leading transponder manufacturers, we also have a wide range of TRANSPONDERS for almost any application in industry and logistics, material management, maintenance, documentation and quality assurance.

All TECTUS ATEX transponders for potentially explosive environments are marked with the legally required approval. You are therefore always on the safe side.

Intelligent components for INDUSTRY 4.0 and IoT

TECTUS RFID Reader Modules make quick and cost-effective implementation of RFID technology possible in existing operational infrastructures, as well as in existing products and applications.

Industry 4.0 or IoT or the control of industrial robots in manufacturing and logistics – we reduce the number of expensive and time-consuming RFID developments for our customers with our RFID PLUG & PLAY reader modules, and therefore make mixed operation of bar codes and RFID as well as different frequencies in all production and operational processes possible. Our intelligent system components can be programmed individually and are available in the LF - HF/NFC - UHF frequency ranges.


TECTUS OPUSdrive provides the entire spectrum of software in all application areas.

From feasibility study to implementation - from data collection to integration in customer ERP systems.

Customer-specific adaptation of our OPUSdrive software makes it possible to satisfy any customer requirement, and optimises processes and procedures in manufacturing and logistics.

TECTUS OPUSdrive Software
The digital key for the digital future
- INDUSTRY 4.0 and the Internet of THINGS -

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